Not Always a Health Nut

I love what I do. I’m a holistic nutrition coach, yet I wasn’t always a “health nut.” I learned the hard way how REAL food improves your health, helps you heal from sickness, gives you increased energy, and an improved outlook on life. Yes, real food can do all that!

It wasn’t until a stubborn health issue opened my eyes to the power of healthy foods that I understood the impact of food on my overall health. It has propelled me to make this passion my business and to share what I have learned with others.

My Path

Six years ago, I was busy juggling work, child-rearing, and feeding my family. While I’d always enjoyed cooking, I was using recipes I’d always known and didn’t think too deeply into the ingredient lists.

One day, I started experiencing swelling and peeling skin on my eyelids. I tried everything including consulting an eye doctor, medical doctors, health practitioners and naturopaths, but noone was able to find the root cause or fix the problem.

The Quest for Help

The conditioned worsened over six months. A family member suggested a chiropractor/acupuncturist, practicing 7 hours away. I wasn’t too thrilled at the thought of the long trip. However, the morning I woke up with my eyelids swollen shut, I quickly took action. I picked up the phone and made an appointment for the next week. Determined to find an answer, and eager to try anything that didn’t involve surgery, prescription medications, or expensive tests, I made the trip and embarked on a treatment program based on Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. It involved acupuncture and avoidance of the suspected substance.

Relief, at Last!

After two weeks of treatments, dietary changes, and some follow-up treatments, my symptoms cleared and my allergies were completely eliminated…drug-free, surgery-free, completely naturally and holistically! I was thrilled with the results and dertermined to investigate the underlying issues that had caused my body to “shout” at me. In addition, the next hurdle was how to make those great results last.

If It’s Going to Be, It’s Up to Me

The main culprit had been an excess of candida in my body. To maintain my newfound health, a candida-cleanse was in order. Still feeling so fatigued and overwhelmed, I would have done anything to find a menu plan that not only told me what I could and could not eat, but also provided recipes, shopping lists, and information specific to candida. More frustration.

After a brief bout of moping and self-pity, I decided to embrace the challenge. I went online to find candida cleansing recipes but found NOTHING! I felt so limited, so hopeless. A foods-to-avoid list was an aid, but how would I put it all together? How could I create realistic meals that were tasty?

Unwilling to give up, I rolled up my sleeves and turned to cookbooks. I started adapting recipes, adding beneficial ingredients, swapping out sugars, and experimenting to create palatable dishes even my family enjoyed. I spent hours on meal plans, knowing the pay-off would be huge for both me and my family.


The Pay-Off: More Energy, Better Health, Smoother Meal-times, Educated Eaters

I was not wrong. Not only have I been able to maintain my health and energy level, but my family has caught on to the benefits of eating better and are starting to make their own healthy eating choices. Plus, my note-taking and menu-planning have made meal-times, planning, prep, and grocery shopping much easier.

Paying it Forward: A New Career Path

My journey took me down the path of poor health, and led me to a new career: holistic nutrition.

Holistic nutrition is something I’m not only passionate about for myself and my clients, but it aligns with my purpose as a mother and wife to nurture and care for my family.

I love holistic nutrition because it addresses the whole person, marrying the importance of nutrition with our overall wellness. Food is a vital part of EVERY person’s life and an essential building block in overall health and well-being. Even if we are diligently taking steps to create physical and mental well-being (exercise, yoga, using stress management tools), if we’re not starting with good food, we are not going to experience complete health.

I’m proud that this challenging path has taught me valuable skills I love sharing with others. I’ve spent the time experimenting with recipes, ingredients, and taste-testing with my family so you don’t have to.

It all starts with baby steps. To help you get started, I’ve created the Surprisingly Decadent Super Food Snack. It’s an easy-to-assemble snack that introduces you to healthy ingredients.You can get it on my website www.foodtoflourish.com.

It’s a simple (and free) action step to put you on the path to better health. Learn why the Surprisingly Decadent Super Food Snack ingredients are great for your body, and feel good knowing you are providing a snack you can feel great about.