What is Your Body Telling You?

This was not the post I had in mind for my re-entry into the blogging world.  I’ve written many posts in my head over the last few months but unfortunately “in my head” doesn’t translate well to the screen!  So, in the interests of this being an online record of my health & wellness journey I want to start putting “pen to paper” more often even for quick posts.
The last few days I’ve been feeling “stretched” which usually translates to “stressed”.  In the absence of taking the time to plan what I wanted my week to look like, it’s just kind of “happened” to me instead.  I’ve not been eating well (yes, yes, I know…I should know better!  But just because you know better doesn’t mean you do better!), not been sleeping well, and generally feeling at the end of the day that what I did was not the same as what I’d wanted to do.  I know that life happens, even when you plan, but at least with a sort of “roadmap” I’d be able to stay on track a little better.
I’ve been trying to be more aware of the messages my body is trying to tell me.  When I hurt somewhere it’s not a message for a band-aid, but a “pay attention to what’s going on in order to heal”.  When I wake up after not sleeping enough and I’m cranky, maybe the message my tired brain is trying to say is “go to bed”!  So I did!  After getting Young Son on the schoolbus I went back to bed.  I wasn’t able to go back to sleep, but I gave myself the opportunity to rest.  Then, when trying to think of what to eat, I didn’t want to cook but I did want something that would fuel my brain…other than coffee!  So, the result was a yummy bowl of greens, leftover salmon, some avocado, hemp seeds, and a drizzle of lemon juice over it all.  Than, I took it out onto the deck and soaked up the fall sunshine.  That’s what my mind and body needed… and because I took the time to slow down and listen, I was able to enjoy a day that originally started out not so promising!
What do you do to turn around a “not-so-good” day?  Food?  Sleep?  Ditching the plan and reading a book?  Meeting a friend for coffee?  Do tell!


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